10.5mm 凯夫拉 静力绳



  • 良好的柔软度和手感:
    – EverFlex treatment: special treatment and weave improve the rope’s consistency; offers excellent grip and consistent handling over time
    – solid handling: thanks to its structure and diameter, the CLUB rope allows excellent control of the descent and is therefore adapted to all levels of user
  • 出色的耐用性:
    – diameter and structure favor durability
    – remains flexible to help improve durability
    – length includes a margin to compensate for rope shrinkage during the first uses
  • 多用途:
    – for caving, canyoning and installation of a fixed rope
    – comes ready to use thanks to the ClimbReady coil, identification of the rope’s Middle Mark and the UltraSonic Finish on the rope ends
    – available in two colors and in three lengths: orange in 40, 60 and 70 meter lengths and white in 40 meter length


  • 直径:10.5 mm
  • 破断拉力:28 kN
  • 8字结终端强度:16 kN
  • 冲击力 (坠落系数0.3):4,8 kN
  • 坠落次数(坠落系数1.0):: 10
  • 每米重量:80 克
  • 外皮锭数: 48 锭
  • 外皮占有率:41 %
  • 静态延展率:3 %
  • 认证:CE EN 1891 type A
  • 外皮材料:凯夫拉
  • 内芯材质:尼龙